Welcome to Life in spite of…

My name is Shawn Finnerty and I love life!!! I love it!  It is messy, confusing, overhwelming and..... glorious!  I am passionate about living life to it’s upmost potential.  I am a father, husband and professional that strives to live a healthy, fulfilled life.   I began ‘Life in spite of…’ to share my story and struggles with Meniere’s Disease and spread hope to some people stuck in a place of loniness, fear and isolation. 

The experiences with Meneire's and the lessons that I learned were so impactful that I decided to create videos to share some of my learnings and create a unique protocol for the treatment of Meniere's disease. 

Along with the guidance and insight provided by two of the most impactful healers I have ever known, Dr. Kevin Pecca and Jeffrey Hugues, we now help as many people as possible who suffer from this disabling disease.

My message is simple.... LIVE YOUR LIFE!  We all have challenges and things will go wrong.  I am spreading a simple and clear message that your life can be more amazing every day regardless of your challenges.

I am glad you are here!  Cheers! 

Shawn Finnerty